the chicken soup recipe to end all recipes

I have a confession.

The soup, like most food I make, has no recipe. I’m sorry if this doesn’t work for you. It’s all made up as I go. And it’s soup. You seriously cannot go wrong. There is nothing like a homemade soup on a freezing cold Minnesota day.

I had a rotisserie chicken left from dinner one night and there was a ton of chicken left. Normally I do boil the bones to make bone broth, but I wasn’t feeling that today. I knew what I was working with and where my motivation level was and I just did it. That being said, I saved the bones and the chicken and will make bone broth another day (FRUGAL).

I know you’re wondering just HOW I made this beautiful soup. Here you go.

So I pulled a bunch of chicken off the bones. Threw that in the crock pot and added a chopped up chicken breast I found from dinner a different night. I chopped up a red onion and a bunch of fresh garlic. Tossed that in the crockpot. Dumped whatever was left of the chicken broth from Trader Joe’s that I used when I made a different meal and since there wasn’t much of that, I added the Miso soup from Trader Joe’s as well. I figured the ginger and the miso broth would be just as good.

My five year old walked in and asked to help. So I had her chop potatoes (we only had 3, but one was bad, so two potatoes it was). I chopped up some celery, beautiful organic colorful carrots from the farmers market from FALL (still crispy and amazing!), water and some organic seasoning.

I had her add however many leaves of dry sage from our garden and also a ton of rosemary, also from the garden. Added some Himalayan salt, fresh ground pepper and let cook in the crock pot for hours. I kid you not, I walked into the kitchen about 45 minutes after we had finished and found the cover NEXT to the crock pot. After I told her to cover it. Guess that’s what happens when you let the five year old help you!

My step-dad stopped by later on to pick up their/our dog (we dog share) on his way from the hospital where my mom is temporarily, and offered him a bowl. He said he wasn’t feeling so well the last couple days, but would have some. I love feeding him because he loves my cooking. I quite honestly don’t know what the fuss about my food, but I love the compliments. It’s homey, warm, reminiscent of the days when people took time to cook and cooked with purpose and love. My food is (almost) always practical, nutritious, filling and easy/cheap. I didn’t buy a single (new) ingredient to make this soup for my family. I had everything in my house. Everything I make is made from scratch because two of my kids have dietary restrictions and it is by far easier to cook like this than try to sub out various ingredients to make it specifically gluten free. Plus, Yum. Keep it simple and enjoy the results! Every time you cook, you’ll have a new soup if you don’t follow a recipe.




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