My favorite divorce book

 When I was going through my divorce, I found this book  by Carolyn Call super helpful. It is by no means religious and would be beneficial to anyone going through divorce. They say divorce is the second most painful life event, after losing a child. If you’re looking for a book to help guide you through, this is a great one! It pushes you to explore what is going on, how to heal and move past the pain. There is a lot of journaling, thinking and feeling. It’ll definitely push you to move out of a place that one could get stuck in.


2 thoughts on “My favorite divorce book

  1. Single Mom Thrives says:

    It basically walks the reader through divorce to lead to a breakthrough to a new life. She believes there is no quick fix and no way around the experience . You must forge ahead into what is going on, no matter how hard it is. There are a ton of questions, tools and such to help navigate the process. 🙂 i’ve read it a couple times and always keep a journal!

    (and yes, I am a local celebrity. Lots of starry eyes when i say my name is Elsa. My youngest is Anja -Anya– so its pretty awesome as her name is a lot like Anna!) I may finally get a keychain with my name on it!! lol


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