Welcome to SMT!

Welcome! I’m Elsa, a 36 year old single mom who has been given the highest honor of being the mom to four amazing kids. We live in a pretty diverse suburb of St. Paul, MN. Every day, I am so proud of them and for thriving amid the chaos that was our life before the divorce and the last couple of years trying to sort out how to make it. My goal is to create a life for my family that will give them fond memories, close relationships with one another and the skills needed to be good people.

I am a seeker of truth and simplicity in my life. I am a writer, love painting, gardening and love adventure (not the thrill-seeking kind). I have experience working in urban schools, federal programs such as Americorps, WIC, non-profits supporting women and their children in crisis, and have had various consulting opportunities. I am pulling all of this together, along with my personal life experiences and my gift for writing, to create this blog.

I created this blog because as a single mom to four amazingly wonderful kids, I found myself seeking personal blogs that focused on community, actual tips and advice that were DOABLE for normal people. Unfortunately, what I found wasn’t what I was looking for, so I’ve decided to create the very thing I seek. They are really why I am doing this.

Most single moms I know are struggling with real life stuff, but feel like they are doing it all wrong (hint: you’re not doing it wrong. It’s just really hard). Even though there are SO MANY single moms now, the stigma is real and there isn’t a lot of positive, uplifting support and love for us, between us, for us. This is a community site where we are going to change that stigma! A place where you can come to find what you’re looking for. Real single moms, real life solutions, advice and tips that won’t cost you much or anything at all.